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Dímelo Tú ch 10 P1


desastre natural (m) natural disaster
erupción de volcán (f) volcanic eruption
incendios forestales (m, pl) forest fires
huracán (m) hurricane
maremoto tsunami
tornado tornado
zona sísmica earthquake zone
ambulancia ambulance
ahogarse to drown
ataque cardíaco (m) heart attack
caerse to fall down
choque eléctrico (m) electric shock
emergencia emergency
envenenamiento poisoning
hemorragia hemorrhage
lesión (f) injury
riesgo hazzard, risk
sofocar to smother, to put out
herido(a) wounded, or injured person
inconsciente unconscious
lastimado(a) injured person
emergencia emergency
víctima victim
tratamientos treatments
botiquín de primeros auxilios (m) first aid kit
dosis (f) dosage
masaje cardíaco (m) cardiac massage
medicina medicine
servicios de urgencia urgent services
autoridad (f) authority
Cruz Roja Red Cross
cuerda rope
extintor de incendios (m) fire extinguisher
mantener la calma to stay calm
primeros auxilios (m, pl) first aid
reanimar to revive
respiración artificial artifical respiration
respirar to breathe
salvavidas (f, pl) life preserver
servicios de emergencia/urgencia (m, pl) emergency/urgent services
escalera ladder; stairs, staircase
estufa de gas gas stove
fósforos (m, pl) matches
paquete (m) package
pasillo hall, hallway
suelo floor
toalla towel
vecino(a) neighbor
aconsejable advisable
alerto(a) alert
alto(a) high
amenaza threat
bajo(a) low
de sol a sol from dawn to dusk
destructivo(a) destructive
elevado(a) elevated
en caso de in case of
encendido(a) lit up
excesivo(a) excessive
húmedo(a) humid, wet
lento(a) slow
mediano(a) medium
peligro danger
reciente recent
salvo except
números ordinales ordinal numbers
primer(o) first
segundo second
tercer(o) third
cuarto fourth
quinto fifth
sexto sixth
séptimo seventh
octavo eighth
noveno ninth
décimo tenth
aconsejar to advise
cubrir to cover
insistir (en) to insist
lanzar to throw, to hurl
morirse to die
observar to observe
proporcionar to provide
quedarse to stay, to remain
reunirse to get together, to reunite
romperse to break, to shatter
sugerir to suggest
verificar to verify
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