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Vocab 12 level 1-2

Vocab 12

fore before, toward
im not, without
magn, magni large, great
meter measure
ped, pod foot
peri around, surrounding
quad four
scope see, look
tri three
forecast saying what will happen in the future
forefather an ancestor that has lived before you from an earlier generation
foreground the area in a picture that appears closest in to the viewer
foreseeable being able to see before something happens
foreshadow a hint of future events
impediment an obstacle to one’s feet; a hindrance or obstacle
magnanimous noble and generous in spirit
magnification the appearance that something is larger than it is
magnificence splendid or imposing in size or appearance
magnitude the size or importance of something
pedestal the support at the foot of a vase or statue
pedestrian a foot traveler
perimeter whole outer boundary or measurement of a surface or figure
periodical a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals; happening or recurring at regular intervals; occasional
periscope an instrument permitting those in a submarine a view of the surface
podiatrist a doctor who treats disorders of the feet
quadruped a four-footed animal
tripod a three-footed stand
Created by: mapledale5