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Inca English version

Information from our study of the Inca

Incan bridges were made of grass
Incan hanging bridges were called chacas
According to legend, the first Inca was named Manco Capac
Why do we know so little about early Incan history? They had no written language
How were the Inca able to grow crops in the mountains? They used terrace farming.
What invention helped with counting? Quipus
Name three important uses for the llama. transportation, wool, and meat
Where is it believed the Inca civilization began? In the Andes
The empire was so large that many of these were needed. roads
No one discovered Machu Picchu until the year 1911
The best preserved Incan city is Machu Pucchu
The Inca never used these two things to construct their buildings the wheel or mortar
All Incan cities had this type of building to honor the gods. Temples
Inti was the god of the sun. What was his symbol? Gold
What did the Inca do with their corpses? They mummified them
Who had the title of "The Inca?" The emperor
True or false? The emperor usually had more than one wife. True. Generally they had many, and his first and most important queen was often his sister.
Who was the emperor when the Spanish arrived in 1531? Atahualpa
The leader of the Spanish was Francisco Pizarro
Atahualpa was taken hostage by Francisco Pizarro. What was the ransom offered for his freedom? A room filled with gold
How did Atahualpa die? He was strangled by the Spanish.
What is surprising about the clothing that the emperor wore? It was burned after being worn one day.
What is "la mita?" It is a work tax due to the Incan government by every male in the empire.
Who was the god of creation? Vira Cocha
What were three important crops of the Inca? potatoes, tomatoes, corn, or peanuts
Created by: eppenauera