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Dímelo Tú, ch. 9, P3


carnicería butcher shop
cervecería pub, brewery
esquina corner
frutería fruit store
panadería bakery; bread shop
papelería stationery store, book store
perfumería perfume store
piso floor
tabaquería tobacco store
zapatería shoe store
a la derecha to the right
a la izquierda to the left
cuadra block
doblar to turn
girar to veer
línea line
aportar to contribute
cortarse to cut oneself
estar de acuerdo to be in agreement
interesarse to become interested
mencionar to mention
pertenecer to belong
preocuparse to worry
solucionar to solve
tocar to knock (at a door); to ring (a doorbell); to play (an instrument)
bocadillo snack, tidbit
ingredientes (m. pl.) ingredients
soda carbonated beverage
celeste light blue
correspondencia mail
cualquiera any, anybody
fusión fusion
imagen image
miembros members
pez (live) fish
planta plant
di (command) tell
pon (command) put
sal (command) leave
ten (command) have/be
ven (command) come
haz (command) do
ve (command) go
sé (command) be
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