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Dimelo Tu ch. 8, P2


café cortado espresso with a tiny bit of milk
con gas carbonated
jugo juice
vino espumoso sparkling wine
vino rosado rosé wine
ceviche (m) raw fish marinated in lemon juice
congrio conger eel
corvina meagre (fish)
lubina sea bass
merluza hake
reyneta (reineta) angel fish
arroz (m) rice
bistec (m) steak
cebolla onion
comida basura junk food
entremés (m) appetizer
plato principal main dish
azúcar sugar
pimienta pepper
sal salt
a la parrilla grilled
a la plancha griddle fried
a la sal covered with salt
asado(a) roasted
calentito(a) warm
cazuela casserole
cortado(a) cut
gusto taste, flavor
mixto(a) mixed
revuelto(a) scrambled
cuchara spoon
cuchillo knife
servilleta napkin
el tenedor fork
probar to try, to taste
recomendar (ie) to recommend
valer la pena to be worthwhile
botella bottle
copa (wine) glass
exigente demanding
extinción (f) extinction
mozo(a) waiter/waitress
por favor please
la zapatilla slipper
Created by: albertsonme