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Contact forces involve which three things? Push, pull or twist.
If a force is applied to an object, what can change? The shape of the object, the speed of the object and the direction of an object.
Are electrostatic forces contact or non-contact? Non-contact.
Is magnetism a contact or non-contact force? Non-contact.
An object is hit by another and changes direction. Is this a contact or non-contact force? Contact.
Which force stops us from flying off into space? Gravity.
When a balloon is rubbed and causes hair to stand on end, which force is acting? Electrostatic force.
When kneading bread, which types of forces are used? Contact forces - push, pull or twist.
Brakes are used to stop or slow down vehicles. Which force acts here? Friction.
Is friction a contact or non-contact force? Contact.
Maglev trains use magnetism to rise above the tracks. Which force is being reduced here? Friction.
How do geckos overcome gravitational forces to climb walls? They have tiny hairs on their feet to increase friction.
What is the unit of force? Newtons (N).
What device can be used to measure forces? Newton balance.
What do Newton balances contain to measure forces? A spring.
What is a balanced force? Two forces that are opposite in direction but the same in size.
How does an unbalanced force occur? One of two or more forces must be large than the other.
If forces of the same size are acting on an object in opposite directions, what happens? The forces cancel out. They are balanced.
What effect does an unbalanced force have? It will change shape, speed or direction of an object.
50 N --> [] <--25 N What is the resulting force? <--25 N
25 N --> [] <--25 N What is the resulting force? There is no force. They are balanced.
60 N --> [] <--40 N What is the resulting force? 20 N -->
60 N <-- [] <--40 N What is the resulting force? <-- 100 N
What causes friction? Surfaces pressing against each other.
If a smooth object is on a smooth surface, is the friction low or high? Low
If a rough object is on a rough surface, is the friction low or high? High
On a bike, where is friction desirable? Handlebars, brakes, pedals, wheels.
How can changing an objects shape decrease friction? By streamlining and smoothing or reducing surface areas.
How can a cyclist reduce their drag? By crouching over the handlebars to become more streamlined.
Created by: DrLEC121
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