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cuals es la especialidad de la casa what is the specialty of the house
me puede traer can you bring me
y para comer / beber and to eat / drink
buen provecho enjoy
caldo broth
chuleta de cerdo pork chop
entremes apetizer
espaguetis spaghetti
especialidad specialty
filete a parrilla grilled steak
flan custard
excelente excellent
muy amable very kind
muy atento attentive
gracias por atenderme thank you for your service
gazpacho cold tomato soup
paella spanish dish
plato vegetarian vegetarian dish
pollo asado roasted chicken
tarta de chocolate chocolate cake
te tea
heladeria ice cream shop
pasteleria pastry shop
cuchara spoon
cuchillo knife
servilleta napkin
tenedor fork
vaso glass
batido beaten
cocido cooked
crudo raw
frito fried
hervido boiled
mezclado mixed
molido ground
Created by: Joshharp1