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Lesson 11

banco bench
bombonería candy store
buzón mailbox
cajero automático ATM
correo post office
escaparate display window
estación de metro subway station
ferretería hardware shop
florería flower shop
frutería fruit stand
fuente fountain
kisko kiosk
lechería dairy store
manzana block
oferta offer
pastalería pastry shop
verdulería vegetable stand
(sacar) el billete (to buy) a ticket
(subir/bajar) el metro (to get on/ to get off) the subway
balcón balcony
bañera bathtub
desordenar to mess up
ducha shower
ensuciar to get dirty
entrada entrance
fregadero kitchen sink
horno oven
lavabo bathroom sink
lío mess
mesita nightstand
microondas microwave
piso apartment
refrigerador refrigerator
romper to break
roto broken
sello stamp
terraza terrace
(abrir/cerrar) el grifo (to turn on/off) the faucet
(tocar) el timbre (to ring) the doorbell
aprovechar to take advantage (of something)
arreglar to repair
dar una vuelta to take a walk
dejar to leave(behind)
enterarse de to find out about
hacer los mandados to do errands
ir de tapas to go out to eat
ordenar to organize
quitar to take away
Created by: Adrie424