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NYS Regents q-z

NYS Regents q-z vocab

quiso he/she wanted
recuerdos memories/souveniers
regalar to gift
regalo gift
reirse to laugh
relajarse to relax
reportaje report
respuesta answer
retrato portrait
revista magazine
rincon corner
ritmo rhythm
romper to break
ropa clothing
ruso Russian
saber to know
sabia wise
sagrada sacred
sala living room
salida exit
saltar to jump
salud health
se caso he/she got married
segun according to
semana week
sentidos senses
sentirse to feel
serie series
siempre always
siglo century
simbolos symbols
sin without
sitio site, place
sobrevivir to survive
sol sun
sorprender to surprise
sorpresa surprise
suave soft, smooth
suceder to happen
sueco Swedish
sueno sleepy, tired
suerte luck
sufrir to suffer
sugerencias suggestions
sugerir to suggest
supermercado supermarket
sur south
tambien also
tarde late, afternoon
tarjeta card
terminar to end, finish
tiempo time, weather
tienda store
tipo type
tomar to take
torre tower
trabajador hard-working, worker
traer to bring
traje suit, I brought
tratar to try, deal with
tren train
unica only
utilizar to utilize
vacacion vacation
variedad variety
varios various
vecino neighbor
vender to sell
ventajas advantages
ventas sales
viaje trip
vida life
viejo old
viento wind
visitante visitor
vista sight, view
volcan volcano
voz voice
vuelo flight
zapato shoe
Created by: cshampoe
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