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SPAN 413

Vocabulario útil T5C5

act of vandalism acto vandálico
postpojement; deferment aplazamiento
lessor; landlord; renter (one who gives the apartment to rent) arrendador
lease; rent arrendamiento
lessee; tenant; renter (one who takes the apartment to rent) arrendatario; iniquilino
insured asegurado
breakdown; damage avería
by return mail a vuelta de correo
discounts; reductions bonificaciones
air-conditioning climatización
adjoining; adjacent colindante
buying and selling; sales and purchases compraventa
building continente; finca urbana
broker; agent corredor
comply with; fulfill; adhere to cumplir con
fee derecho
to send; mail; complete despachar
office despacho
location emplazamiento
state tobacco shop (where they sell stamps, bills of exchange, and ocntraccts for property rental estanco
bill of exchange letra de cambio
premises local
mutual insurance company mutua de seguros
office building oficina
payable pagadero
lightning rod pararrayos
party (to a contract) la parte
private particular
expertise pericia
time period; deadline plazo (de tiempo)
insurance policy póliza de seguros
premium prima
extension; deferment prórroga
civil or public liability responsabilidad civil
check (Spain); stub talón
to expire; be due for payment; reach a closing date vencer
expiration; due date; closing date vencimiento
dwelling vivienda
deposit; guarantee arras
guarantee (joint or consignature) aval
real estate bienes inmuebles; bienes raíces
agent; broker corredor
commission corretaje
equipment equipo
real estate agency inmobiliaria
real estaet (adj) inmobiliario
gain in value; appreciation plusvalía
insurance seguro
land; property terreno
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