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Week 1,2&3

Adaptar Adapt
Anticipar Anticipate
Colaborar Collaborate
Combinar Combine
Compilar Compile
Componer Composite
Construir Construct
Escribir Write
Formular Formulate
Generalizar Generalize
Integrar Integrate
Inventar Invent
Organizar Organize
Planear Plan
Preparar Prepare
Producir Produce
Sustituir Substitute
Modificar Modify
Actuar Act
Ilustrar Illustrate
Usar Use
Diez Ten
Administrar Administrate
Demostrar Demonstrate
Interpretar Interpret
Cincuenta Fifty
Veinte Twenty
Aplicar Apply
Dramatizar Dramatize
Manipular Manipulate
Sesenta Sixty
Treinta Thirty
Calcular Calculate
Experimentar Experimentar
Reportar Report
Setenta Seventy
Cuarenta Forty
Completar Complete
Resolver Resolve
Asociar Associate
Clasificar Classify
Comparar Compare
Convertir Convert
Demostrar Demonstrate
Descubrir Discover
Diferenciar Differentiate
Describir Describe
Distinguir Distinguish
Explicar Explain
Expresar Express
Extender Extend
Identificar Identify
Indicar Indicate
Inferir Infer
Proyectar Project
Relacionar Relate
Seleccionar Select
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