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Social vocab.

Sin embargo Nevertheless
No obstante However
Albañil Builder
Obrero Worker
Alumbrado Lighting
Iluminado Lit
Alzar To lift
Elevar To raise
Ama de casa Housewife
Dama del hogar Housewife
La apreciación Appreciation
Evaluación/estimación Assessment
El conclave Private meeting
Congreso/asamblea Conference
Depurado Refined
Desarticular To break up
Descomponer To break down
Maravillar To amaze
Asombrar/ fascinar To charm
Referente Concerning
Ejemplo Example/ model
El reto Feat
Desafío Challenge
El pasacalles Public notice on the street
La falencia Mistake
La adecuación Betterment
El andén Sidewalk
Ambulante Moving from one place to another
Subsistir To survive
La carga Weight
Presa del miedo Full of fright
La patera Dinghy
El centro de acogida Refuge
El trámite Procedure
Casucado Invalid/expired
Primar To take precedence over
El azar Chance/fate
El epígrafe Citation/engraving
Recalcar To stress or highlight
Los recortes Clippings
Auspiciar To sponsor
El acalde Mayor
Impulsar To stimulate
Vinculado Linked/connected
Apostar To bet
El patrullaje Patrol
Created by: jcore