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WWW List 25 (TLC)

Word Within a Word Vocabulary List 25 and Review Vocab Lists 9 & 10

introspective inward looking
intervene come between
syndrome complex of symptoms
subordinate lower
dissonant inharmonious
belligerent warring
credible believable
impending overhanging
polyphonic multi-melodic
exculpate to free from blame
euphemism pleasant name
benefactor helper
primate monkeys, apes, humans
magnate powerful person
vivacious lively
heliotropic sun-following
narcolepsy attacks of sleep
octagenarian an eighty-year-old
cognoscenti those who know
surfeit excess
megalomania delusions of greatness
pellucid crystal clear
circumvent get around
hemiplegia paralysis of one side
amour-propre self-love
detract to take away something
infraction violation
platitude flat remark
apathy lack of feeling
infidel non-believer
cursory superficial
implicate to connect to a crime
immutable never changing
loquacious too talkative
aesthetic of beauty
decadence moral decline
Created by: TLC SAT