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SPAN 413

BreveVocabulario útil T4C4

at sight; upon presentation a la vista
asset activo
savings ahorros
deposit slip boleta de depósito
letter carta
letter approving credit carta de concesión de crédito
letter denying credit carta de denegación de crédito
letter requesting credit carta de solicitud de crédito
check cheque
credit ((adj) crediticio
fiscal year or accounting period statement ejercicio
endorser endosante
to endorse endosar
endorsee endosatari
telephone (chile) fono (teléfono)
drawee girado
drawer girador
mortgage hipotecario
drawee librado
drawer librador
lender mutuante
borrower muturario; mutuatario
promissory note; IOU pagaré
liability pasivo
location plaza
bearer portador
lender prestador; prestamista
loan préstamo
borrower prestatario
rate of return or yield rédito
applicant solicitante
lender suscriptor
rate (of interest of accrued) tasa
bearer; holder (policy/check) tenedor; tomador
balance sheet balance general
banking (the banking industry) banca
bank (bank building) banco
accounting contabilidad
account la cuenta
checknig account cuenta corriente
savings account cuenta de ahorros
current account holder cuentacorrentista
statement estado
statement of account estado de cuenta
profit and loss or income statement estado de ganancias y pérdidas
double-sided entry (accounting) partida doble
liability; liabilities pasivo
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