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Spanish: Chapter 1

El Muchacho boy
La Muchacha girl
amigo (a) friend
alumno (a) student
estudiante student
profesor (a) teacher
colegio school
escuela school
clase class
curso course
espanol spanish
ingles english
ciencia science
estudios sociales social studies
historia history
matematicas math
musica music
arte art
dibujo drawing class
educacion fisica PE (gym)
alto (a) tall
bajo (a) small
guapo (a) good looking (handsome)
bonito (a) good looking (pretty)
feo (a) ugly
rubio (a) blonde
moreno (a) brunette; dark hair
pelirrojo (a) redhead
gracioso (a) funny
comico (a) funny; comical
serio (a) serious
timido (a) timid; shy
simpatico (a) nice; friendly
sincero (a) honest; sincere
ser to be
pequeno (a) small
beuno (a) good
malo (a) bad
nuevo (a) new
intermedio (a) intermediate; middle
mismo (a) same
dificil difficult
duro (a) hard
facil easy
inteligente intelligent; smart
interestante interesting
grande big; large
americano (a) american
argentino (a) argentine
chileno (a) chilen
columbiano (a) columbian
cubano (a) cuban
mexicano (a) mexican
peruano (a) peruvein
puertorriqueno (a) puerto rican
venezuolano venezuelan
quien who is
quienes who are
que what
como how
de donde from where
de que nacionalidad what nationality are you
tambien also; too
muy very
bastante enough; rather
yo soy i am
tu eres you are (informal)
usted es (ud) you are (formal)
el es he is
ella es she is
pero but
un a
una an
el the
la the
de of; from
con with
o or
y and
soy am
es is
eres are
son are
los the (ploral)
Created by: Alihae