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6th MATH PART 1 a-m


Algebraic equation a mathematical statement that has two quantities joined by an equal sign. At least of the quantities is unknown. Examples: X +4 = 13 ⅖ m = 20
Algebraic expression an expression that contains at least one letter to represent unknown numbers; examples: 4x, 2 + 9w, 3m-5
Algebraic expression in one variable contains only one letter to represent unknown numbers
Algebraic expression in two variables contains two letters to represent unknown numbers
Algebraic expression in three variables contains three letters to represent unknown number
Bar model a pictorial representation used as a visual aid to solve word problems; represented by rectangular blocks
Commission a percentage of the value of sales made by a salesperson
Common multiple a number which is a multiple of each of the given numbers in a set
Consecutive whole numbers numbers that follow one another in order - e.g. 15, 16, 17, 18
Decimal a number that represents a fraction with a denominator of 10, 100, 1000, and so on
Denominator the bottom number in a fraction; indicates the number of parts the whole is divided into.
Discount an amount that is subtracted from the normal price of an item
Distance the length between two points or objects
Enlarge (proportionally) to increase the size of an object without affecting its shape
Express to write something in the form that was asked
Factor an integer that divides into another without any remainder
Fraction a way of representing equal parts of a whole or equal parts of a set
Graph a drawing or diagram used to show information about sets of data
Graphs of functions a diagram showing how one variable varies as another variable has changed
Horizontal describes a line that is drawn from side to side
Hundredths parts of one whole that is divided into 100 equal parts
Integer a positive or negative whole number (including zero)
Interest the amount of money earned from savings or investments
Least common multiple smallest number that is a common multiple of two numbers
Multiple the product of two factors of a number
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