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Spanish Lecture 9

Segundo Chomon was a Spanish pioneer in the silent era who developed his career in ____ France
The first Spanish filmmmaker to achieve universal recognition: Luis Bunuel
One of the best known surrealistic films is: Un Chien Andalou by Bunuel and Dali
Salvador Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter that also collabored in films with Luis Bunuel, Alfred Hitchcock and _____ Walt Disney
At the 1951 Cannes festival, Luis Bunuel was awarded as best director for a film about Meico City slums, the title of the film isL Los Olvidados
Spanish filmmakers struggled to make an international impact until the death of the dictator: Francisco Franco
This Spanish director has also propelled Carmen Maura, ANtonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz into he inernaitonal spolight Pedro Almodovar
The ____ Awards are Spain's main national annual film awards: Goya
The SPnaish film most rewarded in the Goya awards: The Sea Inside
A blockbuster in Spain that became the second biggest box office hit ever in Spain, behind Avatar: Spanish Affair