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Lektion 6-verbs

past tense verbs list

zugeh'o'rt to have listened
gezeichnet to have drawn
gewohnt to have resided
gewusst to have wanted
weitergesucht to have continued
gewaschen to have washed
gewartet to have waited
vorgehabt to have planned
vorbereitet to have prepared
verstanden to have understood
verkauft to have sold
verglichen to have compared
vergessen to have forgotten
verdient to have earned
verboten to have forbidden
getan to have done
getrunken to have drank
telefoniert to have telephoned
getanzt to have danced
umgezogen is/ am/ are moved
gewesen is/ am/ are been
gesucht to have searched
studiert to have studied
gest'o'rt to have disturbed
gestimmt to have right
gestanden to have stood
stattgefunden to have taken place
gesp'u'lt to have rinsed
gesehen to have seen
geschwommen is/ am/ are swum
geschrieben have written
geschnitten have cut
geschmeckt have tasted
geschlafen have slept
geschaut have looked
gesagt have said
geraucht have smoked
gepasst have fit
genommen have taken
passiert is/ am/ are happened
mitgebracht have brought along
gemessen have measured
gemeint have meant
gemacht have made
gelegen have lain
gelesen have read
gelernt have learned
geliehen have borrowed
gelebt have lived
gekostet have cost
korrigiert have corrected
kontrolliert have controlled
gekocht have cooked
geklingelt have rung
gekannt have known
gekauft have bought
informiert have informed
geh'o'rt have listened
geholt have gotten
gekommen is/ am / are come
gegangen is/ am / are gone
gefahren is/ am / are driven
eingeschlafen is/ am / are fallen asleep
geblieben is/ am / are remained
aufgestanden is/ am / are risen
geholt have gotten / fetched
hergestellt have produced/ manufactured
geholfen have helped
geheiBen (B=EsZet) have named
gehabt have had
geguckt have looked
geglaubt have believed
gegangen have gone
gegeben have given
funktioniert have functioned
gefr'u'hst'u'ckt have breakfasted
gefragt have questioned
fotografiert have photographed
gefunden have found
ferngesehen have watched television
gefeiert have celebrated
gegessen have eaten
erz'a'hlt have told
entschieden have decided
gebracht have brought
eingeladen have invited
eingekauft have shopped
geduscht have showered
diskutiert have discussed
gebraucht have used
bezahlt have paid
besucht have visited
bestellt have ordered
beschrieben have described
bekommen have gotten
bedeutet have meant
beantwortet have answered
gebaut have built
gebadet have bathed
ausgesehen have looked
ausgegeben have spent
aufger'a'umt have cleaned/ straightened up
aufgemacht have opened
aufgeh'o'rt have stopped
gearbeitet have worked
geantwortet have answered
angerufen have called
angefangen have begun
Created by: lescaldwell