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table la mesa
to take tomar
to take away (2) llevarse, quitar
taken ocupado
to take off clothes quitarse
to take time tardar
to speak, to talk hablar (2)
tall alto
to taste of saber a
tea el te
to teach ensenar
teacher el profesor, la profesora
telegram la telegrama
telephone el telefono
to telephone telefonear
television la television
tennis el tenis
tenth decimo
terrace la terraza
to test probar
thanks gracias
that (2) ese, que
that over there aquel
theatre el teatro
theft el robo
then entonces
there alli
thief el ladron
thing la cosa
third tercero
thirst la sed
this este
these estos
to think pensar
those esos
those over there aquellos
to threaten amenazar
to thunder tronar
Thursday el jueves
thus asi
ticket el billete
the tie la corbata
the time (2) la hora, la vez
tired cansado
to a
tobacco el tabaco
today hoy
together juntos
tomorrow manana
too, too much demasiado (2)
to touch tocar
tourist la turista
towards hacia
town la ciudad
train el tren
to translate traducir
to travel viajar
travel agent la agencia de viajes
the tree el arbol
to trouble molestar
trousers los pantalones
true verdadero
the truth la verdad
to try (2) probar, tratar de
to try to intentar
Tuesday el martes
Created by: Tony Smith