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Las Relaciones

agradecer to thank, acknowledge
alcanzar to reach, achieve
asombrarse to be astonished
atreverse to dare
brava bad-tempered
brotar to sprout
casarse to get married
compartir to share
criticar to criticize
débil weak
divorciarse to divorce
domar to tame
dominante dominant
egoísta selfish
el abuso the abuse
el acero the steel, iron
el alma the soul
el estereotipo the stereotype
el feminismo feminism
el género the gender
el machismo chauvinism, sexism
el mancebo young man
el moro the Moor (person from N. Africa)
el papel the role
el peso the weight
el poder the power
el sexismo sexism
el suegro the father-in-law
el veneno the poison
el yerno the son-in-law
el/la feminista the feminist
el/la machista the male chauvinist
empeñarse to insist, persist
empeorar to worsen
enfadado angry
ensangrentado bloody
estrellar to fling, slam
femenino feminine
ferozmente fiercely
ganarse la vida to earn a living
grosera rude
hacer pedazos to smash, break apart
hallar to find
herido hurt
Hombre pequeñito Tiny Man
hubo (haber) mirado had watched
huir to escape/flee
igual equal
jurar to swear
la actitud the attitude
la aldea the village
la dominación the domination
la espada the sword
la igualdad the equality
la ironía the irony
la jaula the cage
la liberación femenina the feminine liberation
la pareja the pair/couple
la pequeñez the smallness
las patas the paws
las relaciones the relationships
los parientes the relatives
luego que after/as soon as/ immediately
mal genio bad-tempered
maltrecho injured, damaged
masculino masculine
mejorar to improve
moderno modern
No te valdrá de nada It’s not worth anything to you.
obedecer to obey
penosa painful/pitiful
pequeñito very small, tiny
proponer to propose
recelar to fear, suspect
rogar to beg
saltar to jump
saña fury
sañudo vicious
soltar to release
soportar to support
tradicional traditional
Created by: erodgers