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Winneconne Sound and Light Chapter 3 Test

What is the speed of light in a vacuum? 300,000 km/s
An electromagnetic wave can travel through empty space or matter
What is the major sound of energy on earth? EM waves from the sun.
Electromagnetic waves are produced by the vibration of an electric field and magnetic field together
The electromagnetic spectrum is the entire range of EM waves
The entire electromagnetic spectrum is divided into regions by wavelengths
White light is the entire range of colors of visible light combined
Refraction can separate white light into different colors
Whether an objects transparent, translucent, or opaque is determinded by transmit light
Colors of opaque objects are determined by the color of light they reflect
The mixing together of colors of light is called color addition
When pigments are mixed the result is called color subtraction
What are objects that produce visible light? Luminous
When white light is refracted, the amount that the light bends depends on which of the following? the light's waves
Which of the following is illuminated object the moon
Know what the color addition figure looks light on page 85
Know what the color subtraction figure looks like on page 86
Objects that are determined by the color of light they reflect are called opaque
If you feel an increase in temperature you are absorbing infrared waves
What two or more light waves overlap and combine interference occurs
Light is most easily transmitted through what type of objects transparent
Whay does the sky appear blue? because blue light is scattered more then any other color
The moon does not produce light of its own. So where does moonlight come from? Moonlight is sunlight that is reflected off the moon.
What are three ways light can interact with matter? Reflection, absorption, and transmission
What does the law of reflection state? The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
EM waves used to broadcast television signals radio waves
Em waves used in radar microwaves
EM waves that make an object feel warmer infrared waves
EM waves seen in a rainbow visible light
EM waves that can cause sunburn ultraviolet
EM waves used as a security device in airports X rays
EM waves used to treat some forms of cancer gamma rays
Created by: wollermh