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trans- Across
-praxia -esis Action
-tropin Act on
post- After
ana- re- Again
anti- contra- Against
aer/o pneum/o pneumon/o Air
alveol/o Air sac
pan- All
para- Along side of Apart from
Ana- Anew Apart
goni/o Angle
tars/o Ankle
an/o Anus
proct/o Anus and rectum
anxi/o Anxiety
aort/o Aorta
ana- Apart
brachi/o Arm
radi/o Arm bone, lower lateral
uln/o Arm bone, lower, medial
bacteri/o Bacteria
Arm bone, upper
axill/o Armpit
arteriol/o Arteriole
arter/o arteri/o Artery
atri/o Atrium
ab- apo- ex- exo- Away from
bacill/o bacilli ( rod shaped bacteria)
re- retro- Back
lumb/o Back, lower
dorsi- dors/o. poster/o Back portion of body
spin/o (use with -al) spondyl/o (use with -itis, -lithesis, -osis, -pathy) vertebr/o (use with -al) Backbone
-coccus (-cocci, plural) Bacterium (berry-shaped)
cac/o dys- mal- Bad
claustr/o Barrier
ante- pre- pro- pros- Before
-arche Beginning
post- poster/o retro- Behind
celi/o Belly
ventr/o Belly side of body
hypo- infra- sub- Below, beneath
Flex/o Bend, to
scoli/o Bent
inter- Between
hyper- meta- ultra- Beyond
bil/i chol/e Bile
bilirubin/o Bilirubin
-desis nect/o Bind
nat/o -partum toc/o -tocia Birth
-para Births, live
cyst/o vesic/o Bladder (urinary)
hem/o hemat/o Blood
-emia -emic Blood condition
angi/o vas/o vascul/o Blood vessel
cyan/o Blue
Corpor/o somat/o -some Body
oste/o Bone
-ostosis Bone condition
myel/o Bone marrow
encephal/o Brain
-clasis -clast Break
-lysis Breakdown
mamm/o mast/o Breast
Stern/o Breastbone
spir/o Breathe
-pnea Breathing
Bronch/o Bronchial tube
carcin/o Cancerous
capillar/o Capillary
duct/o -phoresis -phoria Carry
Chondr/o Cartilage
eti/o Cause
Cec/o Cecum
cyt/o Cell
-cyctosis cells, condition of
meta- Change
pector/o steth/o thorac/o Chest
obstetr/o Childbirth
thromb/o Clot
Staphyl/o Clusters
coccyg/o Coccyx
cry/o Cold
clavicul/o Collar bone
-fusion Come together
choledoch/o Common bile duct
dia- tel/o Complete
Anterior Situated in front, or in the forward part
Distal Remote, farther from the point of orgin
Proximal Nearest, closer to the point of orgin
Peripheral Situated toward the outer part
Inferior Situated below, or directed downward
Extension Straightening motion that increases the angle between the adjoining bones
Adduction Movement toward the midline
Superficial Situated near the surface
Ventral Pertaining to the belly
Lateral Away from the midline, pertaining to the side
Dorsal Pertaining to the back
Medial Pertaining to the middle
Superior Situated above, or directed upward
Plantar Referring to the foot
Flexion Bending motion that decreases the angle between adjoining bones
Prone Lying face down and flat
Supine Lying flat on the back
Caudal Toward the tail
Created by: Brandy park