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Lesson 10

asistir a un espectáculo to attend a show
dormir una siesta to take a nap
encontrarse con to meet up with
pasar un buen rato to have a good
relajarse to relax
ajedrez chess
billar billiards
dados dice
damas checkers
estreno premiere
ficha game piece
grupo musical music group
juego de mesa board game
manta blanket
música bailable dance music
orquesta orchestra
naipes cards
pasatiempo pastime
ocio leisure
asistir a una reunión to attend a meeting
charlar to chat
comentar to comment on/talk about
concluir to conclude/finish
debatir to debate
encuentro encounter
intercambiar opiniones to exchange opinions
relatar to relate/tell
acogedor welcoming
actuación acting
ambiente atmosphere
discutir to discuss
formal formal
informal casual
músico callejero street musician
resolución resolution
resolver to solve
ruido noise
vendedor ambulante street vendor
Created by: Adrie424