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How is the construction of Superlatives? The noun is preceded by a definite article, and de is the equivalent of in, on, or of. el/la/los/las + [noun] + más/menos + [adjective] + de (exemple: Ésta es la playa más bonita de la costa chilena).
What can you omit from a superlative construction? The noun. (exemple: Me gustaría comer en el restaurante más elegante del barrio. Las Dos Palmas es el [restaurante] más elegante de la ciudad).
What are some irregular comparatives & superlatives? (just mention the normal adjectives right now). Hint: There are 6 bueno/a, malo/a, grande, pequeño/a, viejo/a, joven
What are the Comparative Forms of bueno, malo, grande, pequeño, viejo, joven, bien, mal? bueno-mejor malo-peor grande-mayor pequeño-menor viejo-mayor joven-menor bien-mejor mal-peor
How do grande and pequeño stay in the regular forms of comparative and superlative? When the refer to size, not age or quantity. (exemple comparative: Ernesto es más pequeño que yo). (exemple superlative: Ese edificio es el más grande de todos).
What are the Superlative Forms of bueno, malo, grande, pequeño, viejo, joven? Hint: Same words as the Comparatives, just be careful that you don't forget what comes before the adjective. bueno-el/la mejor malo-el/la peor grande-el/la mayor pequeño-el/la menor viejo-el/la mayor joven-el/la menor
What happens with mayor and menor when they refer to age and what happens with them when they refer to quality? age- they FOLLOW the noun they modify. quality- they PRECEDE the noun. (exemple age: Lucía es mi hermana menor). (exmple quality: La corrupción es el menor problema del candidato).
What is added to adjectives and adverbs to form the ABSOLUTE superlative? The suffix -ísimo/a (equivalent of extremely or very in English)
Form malo, mucha, rápidos, fáciles into the absolute superlative. malo-malísimo mucha-muchísima rápidos-rapidísimos fáciles-facilísimas
Adjectives and adverbs with stem ending in c, g, z, n or r change spelling to? c-qu (rico-riquísimo) g-gu (larga-larguísima) z-c (feliz-felicísimo) n & r - císimo/a (joven-jovencísimo) (trabajador-trabajadorcísimo)
Created by: jessi3996