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Tipton Final 09

vocab for final exam

the distance between a number and zero on a number line absolute value
changing the grouping of terms in a sum does not change the sum associative property of addition
changing the grouping of factors in a product does not change the product associative property of multiplication
in a sum, you can add terms in any order commutative property of addition
in a product, you can multiply the factors in any order commutative property of multiplication
shapes, angles, and side lengths that are the same size or measure congruent
pairs of sides and angles of polygons that are in the same relative position corresponding
a mathematical sentence formed by setting two expressions equal equation
to find the value of an expression with one or more operations evaluate
a number or expression that represents how many times a base is used as a factor in a repeated multiplication exponent
consists of numbers, operations, and sometimes variables expression
the number set consisting of negative nubm integer
the sum of the values in a data set divided by the number of values mean
the middle value in a set of data wen the values are written in numerical order. If the data set has an even number of values, the median is the mean of the two middle values median
the value in a data set that occurs most often mode
the difference of the greatest and least values in the data set range
polygons that have the same shape, but not necessarily the same size similar
a number you can substitute for a variable to make an equation true solution
to replace a variable with a specific number substitute
Which type of graph is used to show percentage? circle or pie graph
Which type of graph is used to show change over time? line
Which type of graph is used to show frequency? line plot
Which type of graph is uses lengths of bars to represent and compare data in categories? bar graph
Which type of graph is uses bars to show the frequency of an interval of data? histogram
Which type of graph is used to show a set of data divided into four parts using the upper and lower extremes, the median, and the upper and lower quartiles? box-and-whisker plot
Which type of graph is used to show data values and how they are distributed? stem-and-leaf plot
What is the order of operations? parentheses exponents multiplication division addition subtraction
How do you calculate mean? add them all up divide by the number of pieces of data
How do you calculate median? find the middle value if there are two middle values, find their mean
How do you calculate mode? find the number listed most there can be no mode, one mode, or more than one mode
How do you add integers? same sign add and keep different sign subtract take the sign of the higher number then it'll be exact
How do you subtract integers? Keep Change Change the follow addition rules
How do you multiply and divide integers? positive and positive or negative and negative give a positive answer negative and positive or positive and negative give a negative answer
Created by: tiptonmath