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SPAN 413

Breve vocabulario útil (T3 C3)

enthusiasm; eagerness afán
promotion ascenso
to whom it may concer a quien corresponda
relocation; change of address cambio de dirección
career carrera
letter of certification carta de certificación
letter of recommendation carta de recomendación
communiqué; communication comuincado
press release comunicado de prensa
performance; execution (of a task) desempeño
resignation (from a positino) dimisión
to resign; to step down dimitir
model employee empleado ejemplar
to exempt or free from responsibility eximir de responsabilidad
sender expedidor
manager gerente
business manager gerente comercial
general manager gerente general
slight; light ligero
timely oportuno
organizationl chart organigrama
person writing a recommendation otorgante; recomendante
candidate; applicant postulante; solicitante
chief executive officer (CEO), president, chairperson presidente; presidenta
to turn in one's resignation presentar su dimisión
to choose the right person for the job seleccionar a la persona idónea para el puesto
outstanding sobresaliente
training; instruction adiestramiento
Management by Objectives (MBO) Administración por Objetivos
foreman; foreperson capataz
to perform; to carry out desempeñar
Management by Objectives Dirección por Objetivos
management mando
goal meta
budget presupuesto
salary sueldo
procedure trámite
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