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random vocab.

complacer to please
pareja couple
afuera outside
personajes characters
crecer to grow
acabar de + infinitve To finish + infinitve
coger to take
suponer suppose
caer to fall
encima above
agradable nice
empresa business
todavia still
juguetes toys
arruniar To ruin
piel skin
morrirse To die
suicidarse to commit suicide
represiva Repressive
aplastados crushed
apretujados squeezed together
sonido sound
marcha march, to turn on
crece goes up, to grow
dichoso happy
hogareño homelike
acoplado coupled
revolviendo Stirring
colmo that's the last straw, to top it all off
ascendido Ascended
dineral a lot of money
gusano worm
despácheme Leave me
vistoso colorful
llave key
socorro Help
embarazo pregnancy
domicilio residence, home delivery
se retuerce it twists
la vencen They defeat her
trastos piece of junks
siento Feel, sense
el sonajero baby rattle
moja wet
intemperie exposed to weather, outdoor
fuera outside
peste plague
disparo shot is heard, Shooting
dictador dictator
esconderse to hide
el autoritario(a) authoritarian
obsesión obsession
abrumado overwhelemed
harta tired and fed
aparatos eléctricos electric appliances
ser leal a Be loyal to
inofensiva harmless
final final
Created by: jcore