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Ch.2 and 3 Vocab

Vocab terms from both primera parte and segunda parte from chapters 2 and 3

a medio/largo plazo in the mid term/long term
ambiental environmental
la basura trash
el bosque forest
calentar (ie) to warm
la capa de ozono ozone layer
el carbón coal
el combustible fuel
contaminar to contaminate
el contenedor container
creo que... I believe that...
el cristal glass
desechar to throw away, to discard
el desecho waste
destruir (y) to destroy
la (des)ventaja (dis)advantage
dificultar to make difficult
disminuir (y) to diminish
el efecto invernadero greenhouse effect
es cierto que... it's true that...
extinguir to extinguish
las fuentes sources
hacer caso to pay attention
el humo smoke
lo más importante es (que)... the most important thing is (that)...
el medicamento medicine/drug
la medida measure
el medio ambiente environment
pequeño/a small, little (in size)
pienso que... I think that...
el plomo lead
poco/a little (amount, scope, or degree)
pocos/as few
potable safe to drink
prevenir (ie) to prevent
reciclar to recycle
la recogida pickup (collection)
el recurso resource
renovar (ue) to renew
rescatar to rescue
la selva jungle
la sequía drought
sin embargo however
un poco de a little
agravar to aggravate
el alimento food
el aparato device
aumentar to increase
el avance advance
avanzar to advance
beneficioso/a beneficial
la calidad quality (as a measure of worth)
clonar to clone
cualidad quality (as a characteristic)
dañar to damage
etiquetar to label
grave serious
manipular to manipulate
mejorar to improve
predecir (i) to predict
proponer to propose
sano/a healthy
transgénico/a genetically modified
acordar (ue) to agree, to resolve by common consent
acordarse de (ue) to remember, to recollect
amenzar to threaten
asegurar to assure (to make sure)
asesinar to assassinate
el asilo (politico) (political) asylum
el bienestar well-being
el delito crime
desaparecer (-zc) to disappear
desarrollar to develop
el desarrollo development
desterrar (ie) to exile
detener to detain
disfrutar to enjoy
ejecutar to execute
en resumen... in summary...
la esclavitud slavery
escoger (j) to choose
exigir (j) to demand
garantizar to guarentee
el juicio trial
el nivel de vida standard of living
oprimir to oppress
perseguir (i, i) to pursue, to chase
preso/a imprisoned
el/la preso/a, el/la prisionero/a prisoner
promover (ue) to promote
proteger to protect
recordar (ue) to remind, to remember
sin fines de lucro non-profit
el sufragio universal universal suffrage
(no) tener razón to be right (wrong)
tomar conciencia to become aware
tratar to treat
el trato treatment
la vejez old age
violar to rape someone, to violate something
la alianza alliance
año tras año year after year
la campaña campaign
el compromiso obligation, pledge, commitment
constituir to constitute
denunciar to denounce, to report (to police)
educar to educate
erradicar to erradicate
el esfuerzo effort
laborar to work
lanzar to launch, to put forth
la meta goal
mostrar (ue) to show
patrocinar to sponsor
protector/a protective
quedar to be left/remain, to be located
quedarse to stay
recaudar fondos to raise funds
la trata (de personas, de niños, etc.) human trafficking
unirse a to join with
el valor courage
caer bien to like (a person)
caer mal to dislike (a person)
encantar to love (colloquial; lit., to be enchanting)
faltar to lack, miss (lit., to be lacking)
fascinar to be fascinated by (lit., to be fascinating)
hacer falta to need (lit., to be needed)
importar to matter (lit., to be important to)
impresionar to be impressed (lit., to impress)
interesar to be interested in (lit., to interest)
molestar to be a bother (lit., to be bothersome)
parecer to seem
quedar to be left over (lit., to be remaining, to fit [clothing])
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