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SPAN 412

Breve vocabulario útil (T2 C2)

stock; share acción
proxy; representative; power of attorney proxapoderado
search engine buscador; motor de búsqueda
form letter; circular carta circular
circular letter announcing the opening of a company carta circular de apertura
circular announcing the closing of a company carta circular de clausura
circular announcing a change in the company's legal status carta circular de transformación
business code código mercantil o de comercio
company; firm; enterprise empresa
sole proprietorship empresa individual/simple
company (of more than one person) empresa social
heading encabezamiento
articles of incorporation escritura de una sociedad
financial financiero
font fuente
incorporator incorporador
board of directors junta de directores
owner proprietario
registry registro
national tax registry registro estatal/federal de contribuyentes
public business registry registro público de comercio
company; firm (not a sole proprietorship) sociedad
corporatino (Inc.) sociedad anónima
limited liability company sociedad de responsabilidad limitada
silent partnership sociedad encomandita/comanditaria
partnership sociedad en nombre colectivo
associate; partner; member (of club) socio
to defray or help cover costs sufragar
bookkeeping teneduría de libros
owner dueño
company;enterprise for-profit/non-profit empressa con/sin fines de lucro
gain; profit lucro
company liability responsabilidad social
capital company sociedad de capital
sociedad mercantil commercial or trading company
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