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Year 9 Maths Study

Year 9 Half Yearly Exams Study

When we add, subtract or multiply whole numbers, the answer is always a ... number. Whole
We can compare the sizes of fractions if they have a ... denominator. Common
When adding or subtracting fractions, the ... must be the same. Denominators
When the numerator and denominator of a fraction cannot be divided exactly by the same whole number, the fraction is in ... form. Simplest
When multiplying fractions, multiply the numerators and ... the denominators. Multiply
When multiplying mixed numerals, first change them to ... fractions. Improper
To obtain the reciprocal of a number, write the number as a fraction and turn it ... down. Upside
To divide by a fraction, multiply by its ... Reciprocal
Quantities can be compared by expressing one quantity as a fraction of another ... Quantity
Decimal places are based on powers of ... Ten
The term 'decimal places' refers to the number of ... after the decimal point in a decimal number. Digits (or Figures)
Zeros at the end of a whole number or at the beginning of a decimal are ... significant. Not
Zeros between non-zero digits or zeros at the end of a decimal ... significant. Are
Some decimals repeat or ... Other decimals terminate. Some decimals do neither. Recur
To convert either a fraction or a decimal to a percentage, multiply by ... 100%
To convert a percentage to a decimal, divide by ... 100
To convert a percentage to a fraction, divide by 100 then ... (if possible) Simplify
The unitary method involves finding the value of ... part or item when given the value of several parts or items. One
Add and subtract ... ... only Like terms
Instead of writing 8 x b x d, we write ... 8bd
In an algebraic expression, we can replace the variables with numbers to obtain a value for the expression. This process is called ... Substitution
3(4+7) can also be written as ... 3 x (4+7)
When expanding an expression, each term inside the brackets is ... by the term outside the brackets. Multiplied
A factor is a number or algebraic expression that divides ... into another whole number or algebraic expression. Evenly
Factorising is the ... of expanding. Reverse
If the denominators are not the same when adding or subtracting fractions, then we must convert them so that the fractions have a ... denominator. Common
When you are multiplying and dividing fractions, the denominators ... ... need to be the same. Do not
When multiplying fractions, cancel any common factors, then ... numerators and denominators. Multiply
When dividing by a fraction, multiply by its ... Reciprocal
One kilometre = ... m 1000
One metre = ... cm 100
One centimetre = ... mm 10
One tonne = ... kg 1000
One kilogram = ... g 1000
One gram = ... mg 1000
One hectare = ... metres squared 10000
One metre squared = ... centimetres squared 10000
One metre cubed = ... centimetres cubed 1000000
One megalitre = ... kilolitres 1000
One kilolitre = ... litres 1000
One litre = ... millilitres 1000
One centimetre cubed = ... millilitre 1
One metre cubed = ... litres 1000
One day = ... hours 24
One hour = ... mins 60
One hour = ... seconds 3600
One minute = ... seconds 60
A squared + B squared = ... squared C
Perimeter = The sum of all ... of a plane shape Sides
The perimeter of a circle is called the ... Circumference
Circumference = ... Pie x diameter
A relationship between two variables x and y whose graph is a striaght line is called a ... relationship. Linear
The expression of a linear relationship as an algebraic formula is called a ... equation. Linear
Gradient = Vertical rise divided by ... Horizontal run
Data that is collected is either categorical or ... Quantitative
Categorical data is information that can be put into different ... Categories
Quantitative data is information that is represented by numbers. This data can be discrete or ... Continuous
Discrete data is obtained through counting. "In-between" values are not ... Possible
Continuous data is obtained through ... The values for this type of data are on a smooth continuous scale. Measuring
A histogram is a graph that uses the height of the column to show the ... of each score. Frequency
An easy way of displaying a small set of scores is to draw a number line with dots or crosses drawn above the numbers to ... the scores. Represent
Range = highest score ... lowest score Minus
Mean = Sum of scores ... number of scores Divided by
The median is the ... score or can be the average of the two middle scores. Middle
The mode is the score that occurs most ... Often
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