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germany Geography

Detailed question's about German geography

Neuschwanstein castle Disney imitated
location of famous street Unter den Linden Berlin
What part of Germany is Bavaria located in south
Which 2 valleys does Germany produce its most famous wines from the Rhine and Mosel Valleys
In relation to Germany what direction is Poland? east
In which state is the Neuschwanstein Castile in Bavaria
the highest mountain is Austria the Großglockner
4 German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland
capital of Austria Vienna
What city are Volkswagens manufactured in? Wolfsburg
What do Germans call the Baltic? Ostee
In which area of Germany are the Alps? The south
What is the new capital of Germany Berlin
Which city was divided into east and west by a wall? Berlin
On which river is the Köln catherdral situated Rhine
Where is Germany's largest airport? Frankfurt am Main
In which city is Oktoberfest held? Munich
What river flows into the North Sea by Bremerhaven the Weser
Which country lies directly north of Germany? Denmark
What is the largest country bordering Germany to the West France
On which river in the city of Frankfurt? Main
In which direction is Frankfurt from Munich northwest
In which direction is Bonn from Colonge south
What are people from Berlin called Berliner
What tiny country lies between Austria and Switzerland? Liechtenstein
In which country does the Rhine begin Switzerland
What sea borders Germany on the western coast the North Sea
What mountain range separated East and West Germany the Harz
Which German states border on the North Sea Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen
How many states does Austria have? 9
What is the main shopping street is West Berlin the Kurfürstendamm
Where was Beethovon born? Bonn
What is the center of the porcelain industry is the eastern states of Germny Dresden
In which state is the Black Forest located? Baden-Württemberg
name the largest German lake Lake Constance (Bodensee)
Which important river begins in the Black Forest? the Danube
name the highest mountain in Germany the Zugspitze
name a well-known industrial area in Germany the Ruhr district
What was the largest ciry in the Federal Reublic of Germany Berlin
Which large German seaport lies on the Elbe river Hamburg
What is the northernmost state in Germany Schleswig-Holsten
What was the offical name of East Germany Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic)
What is the name of the famous brewery in Munich the Hofbräu
What is the name of the famous forest in southwest Germany the Black Forest
Approximately how many people lived in Germany 89 million
What is the 2nd largest German city Hamburg
The Rhine flows in what direction from south to north
what is the capital of Bavaria Munich
What German speaking country has 4 official languages? Switzerland
Created by: StrawberryTart07