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to lack faltar
lady la senora
language el idioma
last pasado
to last durar
late tarde
to laugh reirse
law la ley
law court el tribunal
to lay the table poner la mesa
lazy holgazan
to lean out asomarse
to learn aprender
to leave behind dejar
leg la pierna
to lend prestar
less menos
to let dejar
letter la carta
lift el ascensor
light la luz
to like gustar
like como
line la fila
to listen escuchar
little pequeno, poco
to live vivir
living room el salon
London Londres
long largo
longer mas tiempo
to look mirar
to look after cuidar
to look for buscar
to lose perder
to lose one's way perderse
lorry el camion
lounge el salon
to love querer
to love each other quererse
lovely delicioso
luck la suerte
luggage el equipaje
lunch la comida
lunch time hora de comer
Created by: Tony Smith