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Dímelo Tú cap. 6


aeropuerto airport
declarar to declare
fotografiar to photograph
línea aérea airline
viaje trip
volcán volcano
vuelo flight
biografía biography
civilización civilization
colonial colonial
paz peace
terremoto earthquake
astrónomo astronomer
matemático(a) mathematician
presidente(a) president
representante representative
impresionante impressive
increíble unbelievable, incredible
maravilloso(a) marvelous
mismo(a) same
otro(a) other, another
arrasar to raze, to destroy
arrestar to arrest
cumplir... años to be ... years old
edificar to build
dejar to leave
cero zero
diamante diamond
equipo team
también also, too
premio prize
clasificados classified ads
entretenimiento entertainment
evento event
internacional international
nacional national
negocios business
noticias news
prejuicio prejudice
presentación presentation
primera plana front page
principal main
racial racial
rebaja sale, discount
revista magazine
sección section
venta sale
liga league
partido game (competitive)
cuento short story
escuela primaria elementary school
inscrito enrolled
nota grade
novela novel
tesis thesis
disparo shot
fuego fire
incendio fire
llamas flames
quemar to burn
robo robbery
dictador(a) dictator
independencia independence
mundo world
presidencia presidency
reform reform
voz voice
camión truck, bus (Mex.)
llave key
petróleo petroleum oil
refinería refinery
alemán (alemana) German
ambicioso(a) ambitious
con cuidado carefully, with care
de repente suddenly
desafortunadamente unfortunately
económico(a) economical
primero(a) first
social social
trasero(a) back, rear
acabar to finish
afrentar to confront
alcanzar to reach, to attain
asesinar to murder
comenzar (ie) to begin
conseguir (i) to obtain, to get
disminuir to diminish, to decrease
disparar to fire ( a gun), to shoot
huir to run away, to flee
implementar to implement
influir to influence, to have influence
lograr to get, to achieve
nacer to be born
ocurrir to occur
robar to rob, to steal
rogar to beg, to plead
sacar to take out
sorprender to surprise
sustraer to remove, to take away
cartera purse
conmigo with me
domicilio domicile, residence
nadie no one, nobody
por fin finally
recién recently, just, newly
resto rest, remaining
ruido noise
suerte luck
tambo barrel
tampoco neither
valor value
vida life
amar to love
asesinato assassination
cárcel jail
camarero(a) waiter, waitress
chantajear to blackmail
comisaría police station
destruir to destroy
gritar to scream, to yell
ilegítimo(a) illegitimate
matar to kill
mecánico(a) mechanic
protagonista protagonist
telenovela soap opera
violencia violence
abogado(a) defensor defense lawyer
acusado(a) accused
acusar to accuse
fiscal prosecutor
juicio trial
juzgado judged
resultado result
testigo witness
testimonio testimony
veredicto verdict
víctima victim
algo something
anterior previous, before
así like that
competente competent
estacionado(a) parked
grosero(a) course, crude
injustamente unjustly
alquilar to rent
contradecir (i) to contradict
deber to be obliged, must, should
decir (i) to say, to tell
descansar to reset
entrar to enter
escapar to escape
establecer to establish
insultar to insult
mandar to send
mentir (ie) to lie
pasar to occur, to happen
reparar to repair
responder to respond, to answer
anuncio advertisement, classified ad
artesanía handicrafts, crafts
nada nothing
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