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the custom, the habit la costumbre (2)
to be in the habit of soler
half medio
hand la mano
handbag el bolso
to happen ocurrir
happy (2) contento, feliz
hat el sombrero
to hate odiar
to hate each other odiarse
to have (2) haber, tener
to have food/drink tomar
to have a good time divirtirse
to have left quedar
to have a rest descansar
to have to spare, to have too much, to have a surfeit sobrar
to hear oir
heat el calor
hello hola
to help ayudar
to help each other ayudarse
helper el ayudante
to hesitate vacilar
hill la colina
to hire alquilar
history la historia
to hit pegar
holidays las vacaciones
home la casa
to hope esperar
horrible horrible
horse el caballo
hospital el hospital
hot caliente
hotel el hotel
hoarse ronco
hour la hora
house la casa
how como
how much cuanto
hunger el hambre
husband el marido
to hurry darse prisa
Created by: Tony Smith