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Los Pasatiempos ib

past times and activities

coleccionar to collect
ceramicas ceramics
cuadros paintings
discos records, disk
miniaturas minitures
monedas coins
sellos stamps
tarjetas de deportes sport cards, collecting cards
ir de camping to go camping
botiquin de medicinas first aid
campista camper
equipaje equipment
fogata bonfire
intemperie in open air
montanero mountianeer
razones reasons
calmarse to relieve
descansar to rest
entretenerse to entertain
reir a caracajadas to laugh heartily
patrocinar las artes participate in art
ir al cine to go to the movies
filmado film maker
filmes film
pantalla screen
pelicula movie
ir a teatro to go to the theater
butacas armchair/seat
estreno preimere
guion plot
ir a un concerto go to the concert
disco compacto compact disk;cd
discos de vinilo vinyl disk
guitarra guitar
grabacion recording
grabar to record
tocar un instrumento to play an instrument
actividades activities
buscar aventuras look for adventure
cazar perdices to catch/hunt
dar una caminata ta take a long walk
esbozar dibujos stretch drawing
hacer una cadena de flores to make a flower chain
ir a una fiesta to go a party
jugar al boliche to play bolwing
jugar al escondite to play hide and seek
jugar a la rayuela to play hopscotch
leer tiras comicas to read strip comics
montar en bicicleta assemble a bike
advertir to warn; notice
afiches poster
aguardar to wait for
aplazar to fail
aportar to provide
arrancar to uproot
arrugar to crease
comprobar to check
cotidiano daily
desarrollo development
destellos glimmer
destacar highlight
disponible avialible
entablar strike up a conversation
gatillo trigger
onirico dreamlike
refunfunar to grumble
risueno sunny
silbar to whistle
dibujar to draw
jugar alajedrez play chess
tejer un sueter to knit
pasearse to go on a long walk
montar a caballo to ride a horse
participar en el tiro al arco play in shooting bow and arrows
pincel paintbrush
lienzo canvas
tienda tent
mochila backpack
tabla table
piezas pieces
aguja needle
hilo thread
baston walking stick
riendas rein
bocado bite on reins
arco bow
flechas arrows
accesorios accesories
resultados results
tener placer estetico to have measurement asethiticas
apreciar el medio ambiente to appreaciate nature
divertirse to have fun
regalarle algo a alguien to give something to someone
renovarse to renovate' revitalize
alivarse del estres to alieve stress
amenguar el aburrimiento to diminish the boring
alcanzar to reach
alpinistas mountaineer
alquiar to rent
artesania craftmanship
artensano handmade/craftman
ascender to climb
batir to beat
bichos beast/animal/insects
buscadores hunter
busqueda search
camuflado camaflague
conceder to award
conveniente conivenite
decorar to decorate
decoratativo decorativo
descano break/rest
disfrutar to enjoy oneself
diversiones diversions
elegir to choose
escalerilla stairs
esfuerzo effort
estimular to encourage
exhibirse to exhibit
extraterrestres extraterristrial
guitarrista guiatarist
ligero light
paso passing
posarse to pose
proponer to propose
recreativo recreational
tejido textile
tirar to shoot
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