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B-General Building 6


Windows that are installed in _____________ must meet the emergency exit window requirements Bedrooms
Dual pane windows MUST be used when? Closer than 18 inches to the floor, adjacent to a door
Each habitable room must have a glazed area that is at least ________ of the total floor area 8 %
Each habitable room must have an OPENABLE glazed area that is at least _________ of the total floor area 4 %
Bathrooms and Water closets must have a minimum window area of __________, _____________ of which should be openable 3 sq. feet , 1/2
Bathrooms and Water closets do NOT need a glazed area if which 2 conditions exist There is artificial light and an exhaust fan
An "emergency exit window" must be able to operate without needing any special tools
All "emergency exit window" must have a net clear openable area of ______ 5.7 square feet
All "emergency exit window" openings must be at LEAST _________ wide when open and __________ high when open 20, 24
The bottom of an "emergency exit window" opening cannot be more than _________ from the floor 44 inches
Drywall sheets cannot be spaced more than ______ 1/4 of an inch
Drywall nails spacing 7 inches O.C on the Ceiling and 8 inches O.C on the Walls
Drywall screws spacing 12 inches O.C
1/2" Gypsum Board requires what size Nails and Screws? 1 3/8 Nails, 1 1/8 Screws
5/8" Gypsum Board requires what size Nails and Screws? 1 1/2 Nails, 1 1/4 Screws
L Edge metal trim on drywall should be nailed every _________ 6 inches
What is the "R-Value" in Insulation the Thermal Resistance
What is the "R-Value" requirement in a Ceiling? R30
What is the "R-Value" requirement in a Floor? R19
What type of Insulation is used in attics to keep heat out Radiant Barrier Insulation
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