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NCS Sp 2 BR 121-133

Bell Ringers 121-133

What is the name of the network of roads from Alaska to Argentina that links together 17 Latin American capitals?. Pan American Highway
What are four Latin dances, and what country is each one from? La Bamba - Mexico; El Flamenco - Spain; La Salsa - Puerto Rico; El Tango - Argentina
What is the name of a country in Africa in which Spanish is one of its official languages? Guinea Ecuatorial
Who is the major league baseball player who earned the Triple Crown in 2012, and where is he from? Miguel Cabrera - Venezuela
What are these military times in ordinary time? (use am & pm) 14:15, 22:30 14:15 = 2:15 p.m. 22:30 - 10:30 p.m.
Who is the teacher in California who was very successful in teaching AP Calculus to poor Hispanic students in the 80s-90s? Jaime Escalante
What is the former name of the capital of Mexico, a city established by the Aztecs in 1325, whose ruins are visited today in Mexico, DF? Tenochtitlán
Who is the conquistador who vanquished the Aztecs and established Spain's dominance of what is now Mexico back in the 1500s? Hernán Cortés
What did Argentina and Great Britain go to war over in 1982? A group of islands off the coast of Argentina colonized by the British in the 1800s called the Falkland Islands.
What are the nicknames of the twin volcanoes near Mexico's capital city? Popo and Izti
What is the island that originally was called San Juan Bautista and is now a territory of the U.S.? Puerto Rico
What was discovered by the Aztecs and used for currency, energy and appetite control, and then further developed by the Europeans? Cacao
Why are Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Catalán and Portuguese known as Romance languages? They are derived from Latin, which was spoken by Romans.
Created by: angelasaucier