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english - spanish words beginning with a

a un, una
about 1. on the subject of 2. approximately 1. sobre 2. cerca de
accident el accidente
to accept aceptar
to accompany acompanar
according to segun
accountant el contable
to accuse acusar
actor el actor
actress la actriz
the direction, the address la direccion (2)
to advise aconsejar
aeroplane el avion
after despues de
afternoon la tarde
against contra
airport el aeropuerto
to allow (3) dejar, dejarse, permitir
alright vale
almost casi
along por
a lot mucho
already ya
also (2) tambien, ademas
always siempre
amount la cantidad
amusing divertido
to announce anunciar
to answer contestar
any alguno
anything cualquier cosa
apartment el piso
aperitif el aperitivo
to appear presentarse
apple la manzana
to approach acercarse
April abril
architect el arquitecto
area la zona
to argue, to discuss discutir (2)
argument, discussion la discusion (2)
arm el brazo
armchair la sillon
to arrest arrestar
to arrive llegar
as como
to ask preguntar
to ask for pedir
to attend asistir
at a
to attend asistir
to attend to ocuparse de
aunt la tia
autumn el otono
Created by: Tony Smith