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Spanish suffixes2

More Spanish Suffixes

-ada similar to "-ful" or "-load" - cucharada, spoonful (from cuchara, spoon)
-ado, -ido can indicate similarity to root word -dolorido, painful
-al indicates a tree or grove -manzanal, apple tree
-anza makes noun forms of some verbs -enseñanza, education
-ario indicates profession or place - bibliotecario, librarian
-azo a blow of the object of the root word -estacazo, a hit with a stick (from estaca, stake)
-dero indicates instrument, means, or capacity - lavandero, laundry (from lavar, to clean)
-dor, -dora indicates agent, machine or place; sometimes similar to "-er" -jugador, player; comedor, diner; calculadora, calculator
-dura indicates the effect of an action -picadura, puncture (from picar, to pick)
-ear common verb ending, often used with coined words
-ense indicates place of origin -estadounidense, of or from the United States, American
-ería place where items are made or sold -zapatería, shoe store
-ero variety of meanings relating to root word -sombrero, hat (from sombra, shade); vaquero, cowboy (from vaca, cow)
-és indicates place of origin -holandés, Dutch
-eza makes abstract nouns from adjectives -pureza, purity
-mente -ly
Created by: WelshPolyglot