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Lesson 8

auténtico authentic
práctico down-to-earth
realista realistic
sorprendente surprising
verdadero sincere
artista artsist
bombero firefighter
carpintero carpenter
cartero mail carrier
músico musician
periodista journalist
policía police officer
político politician
secretario secretary
técnico technician
vecino neighbor
veterinario veterinarian
actuar to act
aparecer to appear
arriesgarse to risk
convertirse en to turn into
figurar en to appear in
lograr to achieve
alegrarse de que to be happy that
dudar que to doubt that
es dudoso que it is doubtful that
es improbable que it is unlikely that
no creer que not to believe that
no es cierto que it is not certain that
no es verdad que it is not true that
no estar seguro que not to be sure that
sentir que to be sorry that
sorpenderse de que to be surprised that
amistad friendship
deber duty
fama fame
honor honor
imagen image
logor success
meta goal
por eso that´s why
por lo tanto therefore
propósito purpose
sacrificio sacrifice
sin embargo however
valentía bravery
Created by: Adrie424