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Sight Word MList 1

80 common Italian sight words

tengo I have
para for
hago I am doing, I am making
con with
tambien also
sin without
tienes you have
quiero I want
alli there
hay there is
todo all
algo something
haces you are doing, you are making
necesito I need
alla over there
pero but
Yo I
estoy I am
estan They are
ahora now
tu you
aveces sometimes
el he
despues de after
ella she
antes de before
nosotros we
encima de on top of
Ellos they (m)
Ellas they (f)
tiene he /she has
aqui here
quien who
mucho alot
nada nothing
hace he/she does, is making
porque why and because
casi almost
debajo de under
dentro inside
en in
yo no se I don't know
hacemos we do, we are making
contra against
mas/menos more or less
siempre always
nunca never
cuantos how many
habia there was
quisiera I would like
puedo I can, I am able to
debo I should, I have to, I must
delante de in front of
a lado de next to, near
donde where
que what or that
me encanta I really enjoy
esto this
ese, esa that
puedes you can, you are able to
debes you should, you must, you have to
cuando when
unos, unas some
prefiero I prefer
cada dia each day
como? How
por supusesto of course
estoy de acuerdo I agree,
somos we are
cual which
oye hey,
me quedo I am remaining, I am staying
solo alone, only
demasiado too
que pena! What a pity!
lo siento I'm sorry
genial great
entonces then,
Created by: gmat2012