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Spanish IV Review 5

Part 5 of Vocab Review for Spanish IV Final

veintiuna casas 21 houses
veintiun muchachos 21 boys
doscientas casas 200 houses
doscientos muchachos 200 boys
trescientas cincuenta casas 350 houses
un ejército an army
respetar to respect
se cuenta it is said
derrota defeat
fuerza de voluntad will power
actuaba he acted
seres divinos divine beings
un secuestrado a hostage
valiente brave
mordidas bribes (in Mexico) literally means bites
disfrazado disguised
debía regresar should return
extranjera foreign
tratarlos to treat them
intentó sobornar he tried to bribe
un acto of rebeldía an act of rebellion
reinaba ruled
el equilibrio the balance
aprendizaje learning
el santo the saint, or the saint's day
la piel blanca the white skin
se rindiera (subjunctive) to give up
contraataque counter attack
se derrotó was defeated
amenezar to threaten
culpable guilty
por aquel entonces by that time
se negó denied
luchando fighting
enterarse to find out
colgaron they hung
a menos que unles
con tal de que provided that, as long as
en caso de que in case that
para que so that
antes que before
antes de que before
Created by: KathyMartin