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Spanish IV Review 4

Part 4 of Vocab Review for Spanish IV Final

incluir to include
disminuyó diminished
de acuerdo in agreement
se bajaba was lowering
Paises Bajos Netherlands
volvió a recibir took it again, received it again
pescar to fish
bucear to scuba dive or snorkel
jugar a las cartas to play cards
tocar un instrumento to play an instrument
nadar to swim
correr to run
andar en bicicleta montar a bicicleta ro ride a bicycle
escalar en hielo to ice climb
jugar al hockey to play hockey
montar a caballo to ride a horse
acampar to camp
jugar a las damas to play checkers
el ciclismo cycling
la natación swimming
me alegro de que I'm glad that
siento que I'm sorry that
escalar montañas to climb mountains
Nahua idioma de los indios
vieran (subjunctive) would see
ese señal that sign or signal
una tribú a tribe
un águila an eagle
crecía was growing
un nopal a nopal cactus
marcaban marked, kept track of
amanecer sunrise
atardecer sunset
anochecer to become night
oscurecer to get dark
seguir to continue, to follow
todos los días everyday
cada sábado every Saturday
cada noche every night
quehaceres tasks, chores
Created by: KathyMartin