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Holiday Vocab


Mola sewing technique where multiple layers are cut to show pattern or design
Candlemas Day Celebrated on February 2nd and is the end of the Holiday season.
Día de los inocentes On December 28th and people prank each other
Flor de Nochebuena Christmas Flower (poinsetta)
Las posadas Tradition where people go from home to home each night looking for lodging. Celebrated - December 16th-24th
Año viejo New Year's Eve (December 31st)
Año nuevo At midnight people each 12 grapes to represent 12 months of good luck
árbol de Navidad Christmas tree - recently is becoming a Holiday decoration in Mexico
Feliz Navidad Popular Christmas greeting
naciemiento The popular Christmas decoration in Mexico - Nativity scene
La virgin de Guadalupe The brown skinned version on Mary and people celebrate her on December 12th
Navidad Christmas (December 25th)
los reyes magos Three wise men that children write letters to telling them what they want for Christmas (January 6th)
Nochebuena Christmas Eve (December 24th)
Created by: NBSpan1