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Chapter 5

Special Cases worksheet
CaSO4'2H2O is a (n) ----------- because it always contains a fixed ratio of water molecules to calcium and sulfate ions. Hydrates
A chemist can often use the process of ---------- to separate two liquids from each other. Distillation
Any compound that contain carbon is generally classified as Organic
Sodium carbonate is a (n) --------- substance because it takes on water molecules to become chemically bonded. Hydroscopic
Oxygen and ozone are -------- or different forms of the same elements. Allotropes
When copper sulfate pentahydrate is heated, water is driven off, leaving behind ------------copper sulfate. Anhydrous
Methane and propane are example of ---------- because they contain only carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbons
If left outside on the table for an extended period of time, a (n) ------------- substance such as calcium chloride, will take on enough water to form a liquid solution. deliquescent
In general, compound that do not contain carbon are classified as --------- Inorganic
Table salt sometimes become damp as it absorbs water from the air, indicating that table salt is --------- substance. Hydroscopic
A(n) -------- substance takes up so much water from the air that it forms a liquid solution. deliquescent
Which of the following compounds can be used as a drying agent? Hydroscopic alum
In order to separate two liquids from each other by distillation, they must---. evaporate at different temperature
when the dehydrate of calcium chloride is heated gentely, it loses one molecules of water of hydration. write the formulas for the initial and final compound in this change. Initial: Ca-Cl2'H2O Final: Ca-Cl2-H2O
When copper sulfate is used as a desiccant, it takes on five molecules of water of hydration. write the formulas for the initial and final compound in this change. Initial: Cu-So4 Final: Cu SO4'5H2O
Write the formulas for sodium sulfate dehydrate and its anhydrous form. Hydrate: Na2SO4'10H2O Anhydrous: Na 2SO4
write the name and formula for any binary acid. HCL Hydrochloride
The charge on an ion is the same as the --------- of that ion. Oxidation number
A compound consisting of two elements is called a (n) Binary compound
A (n) -------- is an ion containing more than one element. Polyatomic
The "H2O" portion of the formula BaCl2.H2O indicates that this compound is a a (n) . Hydrate
Table salt sometimes become damp as it absorbs water from the air, indicating that table is a (n) -------- substance. Hydroscopic
A (n) -------- substance takes up so much water from the air that it forms a liquid solution. deliquesant
When hydrate copper sulfate is heated, it loses its water of hydration and become ------ copper sulfate. anhydrous
A (n) ------ is the combination of the chemical symbols that represent the simplest possible ratio of ions in a compound. formula
Magnesium bromide (MgBr2) is one of the most abundant compounds found in sea water. From its formula, answer the following question about this compound. nothing
What is the oxidation number of each ion in the compound? +2,-1
what would be the formula for the dehydrate of magnesium bromide? MgBr2.2H2O
How would express the following, using chemical symbol: "three formula units of magnesium bromide"? 3Mg Br2
In the chemical formula for a binary ionic compound, the second elements is a. nonmetals
Trues False
Nacl true
AlF3 true
K3Po4 true
CaNo3 Ca (NO3)2 false
BaCl2, 2H2O Bacl2'2H2OEalse
FL i false Li F
MgSO4 true
Ca2C2H3O2 Ca (cH3 coo)2
K2Cr2O7 true
Mg I MaI2
Colum a Colum b
Describe molecular substance covalent bond
Example of allotropes oxygen and ozone
Describes organic compounds contain carbon
Simplest hydrocarbon methane
Common inorganic compounds water
Name Formula
Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2
Sulfuric acid H2so4
Ammonia NH3
Sulfur dioxide SO2
Sodium dioxide NA2O
Carbon tetrachloride CCL4
phosphorus pentoxide P2O5
Hydrochloric acid HCL
Octane C8H18
Iron3 bromide FeBr3
Elements Oxidation number
Na +1
Mg +2
Al +3
S _2
Cl _1
What is a formula unit? The simplest ratio of ion in an ionic compound.
What is a molecule? An uncharged group of two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.
Correct formula unit of magnesium chloride? MgCl2
What is the correct formula for a compound that results from element A, which has 1 valence electron and element B. which has 6 valence electron? A2B
What happens to the composition of a hydrate when it is heated? It loses water to become an hydrous.
Compound Name
Ca(C2H3O2)2 calcium acetate
NaOH Sodium hydroxide
(NH4)2SO3.H2O Ammonium sulfite monohydrate
MgSO4 Magnesium Sulfate
NaNO Sodium Nitrate
Ca(OH)2 Calcium Hydroxide
Created by: awais.jat