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Chemistry Post Test

Questions from Pretest, BM 1 and BM 2 Chemistry Assessments for the Post Test

The smallest unit of matter is called a(n): atom
A specific type of atom is called a(n): element
Two or more atoms or elements bonded together is a: molecule
Two or more DIFFERENT elements bonded together is a compound
A positively charged subatomic particle proton
A negatively charged subatomic particle electron
A neutral charged subatomic particle neutron
Where does the most correct and most up to date atomic model say the electron s are? Clouds
How many protons does Boron have? 5
How many electrons does Magnesium have? 12
How many neutrons does Lithium have? 4
Where are metals on the periodic table? Left, stair step or right? Left
Which metals are the most reactive? Alkali
Where are non metals on the periodic table? Left, stair step or right? Right
Where are metalloids on the periodic table? Left, stair step or right? Stairstep
What is the most reactive NON metal? Fluorine
What is the most reactive METAL? Francium
What is the most common type of element in fireworks? Metals or non metals? Metals
Do element symbols ever have two capital letters? NO
Can a compound formula ever have two capital letters? YES
All elements in a family have the same number of _____________ electrons. Valence
Physical or Chemical Property? Flammability Chemical
Physical or Chemical Property? State of Matter Physical
Physical or Chemical Property? Color Physical
Physical or Chemical Change? Burning wood Chemical
Physical or Chemical Change? Boiling water Physical
Physical or Chemical Change? Vinegar and baking soda Chemical
Physical or Chemical Change? Cooking food Chemical
A chemical reaction in fireworks in chemical called "oxidation reaction" produces this: Oxygen
What side of the arrow are products found? Right
What does the arrow mean in chemical reactions? Yields
The three parts of the fire triangle present in fireworks are Fire, heat and? Oxygen
What can a firefighter remove from the fire triangle in a fireworks disaster? Heat
What part of the fire triangle would all the gunpowder and metals inside a firework be considered? Fuel
Where is the safest place to enjoy fireworks, at home or at a community show? Community Show
What is the most common injury when misusing fireworks? Burns
True or False: Elements can be created or destroyed during a chemical reaction False
What do we call the big number written out front of a chemical formula that indicates how many molecules there are? Coefficient
What do we call small numbers to the right of element symbols that indicates how many atoms there are? Subscript
How many oxygen atoms? 5 H2O2 10
How many molecules of Salt? NaCl 1
How many carbon atoms? 5 CH4 5
Created by: erica.sprague