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Cajas de carton

recoger to pick up
disminuir to decrease
esconderse to hide oneself
señalar to signal
la cosecha the harvest
los braceros farm workers
el polvo dust
la chocita/choza shack/hut
callado quiet
empacado packed
caerse bien to get along
mudarse to move location/change address
el amanecer daybreak
estacionar to park
acarrear to carry
derramar to spill
suspirar to sigh
alejarse to distance oneself
la madrugada dawn
el dueño owner
la olla pot
las abolladuras dents
tener un nudo en la garganta to have a knot in the throat
apresurarse to hurry up
desempacar to unpack
barrer to sweep
la cerca fence
los agujeros holes
tocar el timbre to ring the bell
pizcar to pick
advertir to warn
deslizar to slip/slide
echar to throw
hervir to boil
apuntar to take notes
sudar to sweat
el zumbido the humming
el pañuelo handherchief
la manguera hose
mareado nauseated
oliente smelly
saborear to savor
enrollarse to go on and on
la muchedumbre the crowd
manchado stained
asignar to assign
estremecer to shudder
Created by: mmoussa