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Jodi, B1 spanish


discutir to discuss
pedir ayuda to ask for help
el asiento seat
alguien someone, anyone
nadie no one
ningun no, none
crear una pagina web to creat a web page
estar en linda to be online
hacer una busqueta to do a search
entre among, between
el interes interest
el ensayo rehearse
almorzar (o-ue) to have lunch
empezar (e-ie) to start, Begin
entender (e-ie) to understand
repetir (e-ie) to repeat
Tan + adj+como as +adj+ as
Tantos (as) + noun+ Como As much/ many +noun + as
saber conocer to know
Saber se sabes sabe sabemos sabeis saben to know i know you know she/ he knows we know you guys know they know
Conocer conozco conoces conoce conocemos conoceis conocen to know i know you know she/ he knows we know you guys know they know
cuanto tiempo haces que how long....?
Hace + time + que It has been....
reflexive verbs me.. nos te... os se... se
ser- to be soy somos eres sois es son
estar- to be estoy estamos estas estais esta estan
possessive adjectives mio nuestro tuyo vuestro suyo suyo
Created by: Jodi lee