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spanish phrase quiz

The Escorial is a Moorish castle. True or False False
What are you when you are borracho drunk
what do you call a soap opera in spanish telenovela
when would one hear paso doble bull fight
what nationalit is charo spanish
which caribbean island houses 2 nations, one-french speaking and one spanish speaking hispaniola
the gold coast lies on which body of water mediterranean
during which century did picasso paint most of his work 20th
what color is the famous pottery from Oaxaca black
If you ever enter a spanish building and go up one flight of stairs, what floor are you on first floor
Where was Raquel Welch born Mexico
What was the original name of the city of San Juan Puerto Rico
What does the white stand for on the mexican flag religion
What color wine is used in sangria red
What are the 2 alcoholic ingredients in sangria red wine and brandi
what is pulque a type of hard liquor
In what country are the caves of Altamira located Spain
When did native indians come to america more than 20,000 years ago
what is the capital of the incas of peru cuzco
where was Placido Domingo born Madrid
When was Ricky Martin born 1971
Which ocean borders Uruguay Atlantic
What is the jota dance
Why do Spanish people eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve? good luck
Created by: Rikki Freeny