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Naming/Writing Formu

Naming and Writing Simple Compounds

HC₂H₃O₂ Acetic Acid
HBrO₃ Bromic Acid
HClO₂ Chlorous Acid
H₂CrO₄ Chromic Acid
HCN Hydrocyanic Acid
H₂Cr₂O₇ Dichromic Acid
HClO Hypochlorous Acid
HIO₃ Iodic Acid
HNO₂ Nitrous Acid
H₂C₂O₄ Oxalic Acid
HIO₄ Periodic Acid
HMnO₄ Permanganic Acid
H₂SO₃ Sulfurous Acid
HCl Hydrochloric Acid
HBr Hydrobromic Acid
H₂S Hydrosulfuric Acid
H₃P Hydrophosphoric Acid
H₃N Hydronitric Acid
H₃As Hydroarsenic Acid
H₂Te Hydrotelluric Acid
H₂Se Hydroselenic Acid
ammonium sulfide (NH₄)₂S
sodium nitrate NaNO₃
copper(II) bromide CuBr₂
aluminum sulfate Al₂(SO₄)₃
potassium nitrate KNO₃
iron(II)carbonate FeCO₃
lead(II) phosphate Pb₃(PO₄)₂
diphosphorous pentoxide P₂O₅
copper(II) hydroxide Cu(OH)₂
calcium fluoride CaF₂
silver cyanide AgCN
ammonium sulfite (NH₄)₂SO₃
zinc sulfate ZnSO₄
tin(II) chloride SnCl₂
silver sulfide Ag₂S
sodium chromate Na₂CrO₄
chromic bisulfate Cr(HSO₄)₃
silver perchlorate AgClO₄
potassium phosphate K₃PO₄
lead(II) chlorite Pb(ClO₂)₂
hydroiodic acid HI
magnesium nitrate Mg(NO₃)₂
iron(III) chromate Fe₂(CrO₄)₃
iron(II) chromate FeCrO₄
phosphoric acid H₃PO₄
iron(III) monohydrogen phosphate Fe₂(HPO₄)₃
nitric acid HNO₃
zinc chloride ZnCl₂
mercury(I) chloride Hg₂Cl₂
potassium chlorate KClO₄
zinc oxide ZnO
calcium carbonate CaCO₃
carbonic acid H₂CO₃
dinitrogen trioxide N₂O₃
hydrogen peroxide H₂O₂
tetraphosphorous decasulfide P₄S₁₀
sulfuric acid H₂SO₄
mercury(II) nitride Hg₃N₂
bromine trioxide BrO₃
sulfur hexafluoride SF⁶
potassium dichromate K₂Cr₂O₇
copper(II) sulfide CuS
hydrofluoric acid HF
boric acid H₃BO₃
iodine monochloride ICl
hypochlorous acid HClO
chlorous acid HClO₂
chloric acid HClO₃
perchloric acid HClO₄
gold(III) chloride AuCl₃
sodium hydride NaH
xenon difluroide XeF₂
ammonium dichromate (NH₄)₂Cr₂O₇
chromium(III) hydroxide Cr(OH)₃
trisulfur dintride S₃N₂
carbon tetrachloride CCl₄
sodium bromide NaBr
the bond usually formed between a metal and a nonmetal ionic
the bond usually formed between two nonmetals covalent
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